You help support local artists and small bussiness

- We provide 10% off for Canadian Forces.
- We are Vancouvers best fine art photography studio, with over 1400 square feet to make sure we have enough room to depict your vision using our artistic techniques.
-You are hiring an artist who have have kept his time to create art out of your photographs. It is much more than walking into a studio.
-To make sure you look your absolute best, we have a fully dedicated makeup room and can suggest our MUAs to work their magic.
- 30 minutes free consultation for all our clients that describes each and every process we undertake to capture your session.
- Relieves you from the risk of booking a random person who has build his identity over social media account and a telephone number. When it is off, all medium to communication are closed.



You are investing so much while hiring a photographer for your session. After all, its not every day that you plan so much for a session and put on this shoe! We would like to walk you from your very first enquiry to make this experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

  • 01 When you send your 'Interest'

    As an artist, when we receive your interest for photography, we feel really happy. We feel more value and acknowledge the respect you provide to our work. We also understand that you may have doubts and require more information regarding our style of work, and the photographs you are aiming for. We welcome all the questions are are happy to answer them for you.
  • 02 Studio visit

    Some of the benefits of studio visit are:
    - Check out our client closet
    - You may physically touch and feel the quality of our photographs that are printed, and framed
    - Visualize our photography sets and how we customize them for you
    - Experience our makeup and hair room
    You may also meet us over coffee, or even FaceTime if coming down to our studio is not feasible just at the moment.
  • 03 Planning your session

    For us, making sure your photography session goes impeccable matters. for this, we love to discuss the details with you. After the studio visit, you will have a better idea on how much we take this seriously.
    - Now, we are in the process of developing the theme, and more personalizing it by using props.
    - To make sure we create a piece of art for you, we create our sets from a plain background.
    - We always update our client closet. so, you may choose your outfits according to the theme, and your preferences.
    -We own a dedicated makeup and hair room. We also provide you references to MUAs that can assist you with your session. The decision to hire them is totally yours. you may also bring your personal MUA and use the space before your session without any cost.
    - We now send you a contract for photography session.
  • 04 Blocking your date

    When you have a date decided for your session, we make sure that the date is not already booked.
    - You may then block the date. We request $200 towards session booking along with your signed contract. You will automatically receive a receipt.
    -We have our client management system where you may sign the contract online.
    - Client management system also includes payment gateways helping you pay by credit card, debit card or e-transfer.
    - You may pay the remaining charges two days before your session date. You will automatically receive a receipt.
    - We are always here to share your excitement and answer any last questions you may have!
  • 05 The Day before your shoot

    There is a lot of hard work for your session. As an artist, every session is very important for us.
    - Keep yourself well hydrated
    - Make sure you go to bed early. After all, no one wants bags under eyes on a special day.
    - Copy your playlist to your phone. We have bluetooth speakers to help you relax before your session.
    - Pack your bags. You may require to bring nude inner garments, your heels. we will update you on this. And of'couse we provide coffee / tea at the studio to relax
    - Rest and relax for some great beginnings!
  • 06 Session Day

    You know it! Everything's starts from your music! Your playlist will help you rock the day.
    - Usually Hair and makeup takes 1-1.5 hours depending on the MUA.
    - Meanwhile, we will customize your photography set based on the theme.
    We will also arrange the studio lights, shape the lights, set the hair blowing fan and make sure your MUA does the makeup according to our inspiration board.
    Usually everyone takes 10-15 minutes to be comfortable. Let's be real -it takes some time to feel real in front of camera.
    Now, its time for the show!
  • 07 Post production

    This is the most time- consuming part of the session. We use multiple editing softwares including Adobe Lightroom, adobe photoshop, portrait pro to edit your images.
    - For each studio image, it takes 45 -1.5 hours to edit.
    - We usually deliver images within three weeks.
    - If you choose to print from us, the delivery of the same will be communicated to you.
  • 06 Delivery details

    We will end you an email sharing your client portal, protected with a user name and password. This helps you to download your much valued images and to share them with your loved ones.
    This client portal stays active for 30 days.