Your natural talent and abilities together with your qualifications and education is not enough to land you on any role today. Your prospective clients view your professional headshots to get a glimpse of you, to see if they relate to you, or to make sure you have that potential in you to deliver them best results. To accurately represent you to your audience, and to bridge the gap that covid and wearing masks has brought will help serve you as your marketing tool. In most cases, a professional headshots will stand apart and help your career than any phots of you taken by your friend.

At Pineforest Studios, our methodology in creating professional headshots have helped clients create their market niche. We make sure that the person we photograph has his soul out there in the photograph. For this, we dig deep to bring that spark of you in your eyes. Our goal is to make the potential clients pause, and look again at your picture. We work so that they see a lot of opportunity on your face, enough to consider you as their representative. We sincerely want you to get an edge on your career.

Why seeking professional help is important?

It is with years of experience that we deliver you the results and the quality that we offer. This is an investment for your career. Your potential clients should have a feeling that you have invested in yourself with your education, career and your look to reciprocate that they invest in you. There are many elements including posing, colour coordination and photographic angles that complement a professional headshot. Corporate headshots are widely used in marketing yourself to prospective clients. It is the face of todays real estate market, Insurance brokers, Lawyers and personnels from service based industries.

While documenting actor's headshot, we strive to make the casting director pause for a moment on your photograph, to consider the opportunities that you have to offer. With the help of makeup artists and our lighting techniques, we are creating possibilities for our clients. For an actor, there is a huge difference between a photograph submission and a professional portfolio submission. Casting crew can tell how much you spend on your portfolio, and if it looks cheap, they'll assume that you aren't taking your career seriously.

What to wear for headshots?

A lot of us go blank when discussing wardrobe and style for headshot sessions. It is best to wear clothes that are well-fitting, soft materials and that do not pop a lot of colours on them. We want to make sure that the focus is you. Clothing is an additional aspect and it should not drive away the eyes of the spectator. It is thus wise to avoid bold prints, bright colours, huge and catchy logos.

We usually document two looks. So you may bring two outfit options that portray your best looks. A plain white shirt with a linen jacket or a more bold look created with tailored suits can work wonders, while focussing on the main character. Semi formal clothing that are properly pressed and layers are options that can work wonders. Always try to base your colours on your hair or eye colour so that we don't have too many distracting colours in your headshots. Seeking a second opinion don't harm. So, consult with one of our photographer's before your session and we'd love to assist you in choosing your outfits.






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