1Tell me more about your studio?
Our studio is located at Sixth street, close to the Historic Downtown of New Westminster, BC. With 1400 square feet, apart from the main studio space, we have separate room for makeup artists to do their magic. We also have our client closet, from which our clients may choose their attire for the session.
2How can we book you?
From the Contact Us page, you will find an online form. You may select your preferred session, date and time. Once you submit it, one of us will get back to you with the confirmation of the date and time. If we are already booked for the spot, we will let you know and can work on a time that is feasible for both of us. To secure your spot, you may then pay $200 towards non-refundable deposit.
3Can I choose from your client closet?
We have our client closet from which you are welcome to choose the outfits for your session! We know that searching for the desired outfits before a session can be very tiring. Having that in mind, we made sure that our clients feel pampered in our selection of outfits for them!
4What are your payment terms?
We kindly ask a non-refundable deposit of $200 to block the dates. Securing your spot is sometimes the best thing to do when your chosen day is a weekend, or during those summer months. The remaining amount to be paid on the day, before your session!
5How many images will I receive?
The number of images we deliver varies with different sessions and packages. It will be on our website under Services.
6Can Do you reschedule due to covid reasons?
We understand the unpredictability that Covid-19 have brought into our lives. Please notify us ahead of the session, or however earlier it is possible for you. We may then plan your session on a date that is feasible for both the parties.
7Do you ever deliver raw files/ footages?
To protect both our personal style and to protect the photography industry, we do not deliver raw files. This includes both photography and videography content. However, we will deliver you your edited, and colour graded images.
8How do you deliver the final products?
We have a secure online portal that is protected with a username and password. This helps you share your Wedding moments and images with your family and guests. We would urge you to download and back up your images once you have received your gallery. But if something goes wrong, and you have lost/ deleted your data, we still have access to your gallery for 90 days after receiving your login details.
9What is your turnaround/ Delivery window?
For all our studio sessions, our usual turnaround is 3-4 weeks. That being said, we deliver that instagrammable picture very soon so that you can flaunt among your IG circle!
10When is your best offer in the year posted?
We generally have two promotions- the Boxing day one and the Valentine’s day promotion. Both are our best offerings for the year.